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LOOKISM: The Most Popular Manhwa

Lookism is a popular webtoon, or manhwa, produced by Park Tae-jun. It follows the tale of a young guy called Park Hyung-suk who is continuously tormented and humiliated due of his looks. However, one day he wakes up in a new body and realizes that being good-looking comes with its own set of obstacles and perks.

The narrative of Lookism is interesting because it touches on a problem that affects many people throughout the globe — lookism. Lookism refers to prejudice or discrimination based on physical appearance. It is a condition that is frequently disregarded or underestimated, yet it may have a big influence on people's life.

The protagonist of Lookism, Park Hyung-suk, is an overweight adolescent who is regularly ridiculed by his friends. He is viewed as an outsider and is never given an opportunity to exhibit his genuine qualities or personality. This is a topic that many individuals may identify to, since they may have suffered similar treatment due of their looks.

One of the intriguing things about Lookism is the way it examines the concept that beautiful looks come with their own set of obstacles. When Park Hyung-suk wakes up in a new body, he realizes that being good-looking comes with its own issues. People are continually envious of him, and he is expected to adhere to a specific image. He is also assessed more severely for any errors he makes, and others are less willing to offer him a second opportunity.

This topic is not commonly addressed in popular culture, since beautiful looks are generally considered as a wholly positive quality. However, Lookism indicates that there are downsides to being good-looking, just as there are drawbacks to being ugly.

Another fascinating component of Lookism is the way it displays the influence of physical appearance on people's lives. The people in the novel are all influenced by lookism in various ways. Some characters are evaluated purely on their appearance and are not given a chance to prove themselves, while others utilize their appearances to manipulate and dominate others.

The narrative also touches on the subject of body image and the pressure to conform to a specific ideal. This is something that many individuals battle with, particularly in a society where social media and advertising are always pushing unattainable beauty standards.

Lookism has been lauded for its realistic representation of these themes, as well as its well-developed characters and intriguing plot. It has also been criticized for its representation of violence and its occasionally problematic characterization of certain characters.

Overall, Lookism is a thought-provoking and fascinating webtoon that examines an important problem. It demonstrates the influence of physical appearance on people's life and reveals that lookism is an issue that affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It also urges readers to think critically about the way they evaluate people based on their looks and to question their own prejudices.

In conclusion, Lookism is a webtoon that is worth reading for everyone interested in investigating the problem of lookism and its influence on society. It is a well-written and intriguing narrative that will leave readers with a lot to think about. While it is not without its shortcomings, it is a striking illustration of how popular culture can be utilized to raise awareness about critical social concerns. 

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